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Food through the ages - From hunter-gatherers to the modern cuisine.

If Rome wasn't built in a day, were the wine and pasta invented in one?
Did you ever ask yourself - how did the meals we eat become what they are today?
How today, we have such a rich menu, which is so different from one culture to another?

You are welcome to experience the evolution of food, through our culinary tour. During the tour, we will stop to taste food at five highly-rated restaurants in Tel-Aviv. Explore Ne've Tzedek, and experience the progress of the food through the ages.

We'll go back millions of years to the age of the hunter-gatherers, go through the development of agriculture and many more events, and finally talk about and taste the modern cuisine.

While doing this, we will sample a variety of different dishes including meat and wine.  During the tour, we shall observe the development of food and see that from this development much can be learnt about the progress of humans. 

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